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VOCORD VERelay is designed for autonomous remote control of power supply of various equipment inside switchboard cabinet VOCORD SSCross and for temperature stability control. VOCORD VERelay allows to manage operation of various devices, with RS-232/485 connection interface.


VOCORD VERelay manages switching on and off power supply of external devices controlled over Ethernet local network, using TCP/IP protocol. VOCORD VERelay also switches on and off devices for stabilizing temperature in conformity with temperature sensors. The device is set up over a local network through a web-browser.

VOCORD VERelay, controlled devices, external controlling device and operator’s workplace can be placed in networks of different configuration.

VOCORD VERelay is developed as part of the switching equipment of Traffic enforcement system.

Technical characteristics
Parameters Value
Network interface Ethernet 100 BASE-T, 1 port
Number of IP addresses under control 8 groups, 3 IP addresses in each
Managing interface RS-232/485, 2 ports
Internal thermal sensors Yes, 2 sensors
Input of external thermal sensor Yes, 1 input
Dimensions, mm 160х69х101
Voltage 220V ± 20%, 50 Hz
Maximum wattage 10 W
Control outputs of power supply of external devices
Number of outputs 8
Relay outputs for switching AC circuits 6 from 24V to 220V 6
Outputs 220V (AC) 2
Permissible current consumption of external devices connected to the outputs, for each device Not more than 5 A while voltage is 220V (AC);
Not more than 10 A while voltage is 24V (AC)
Galvanic isolation Double with an insulation voltage of at least 1000 V
Outputs of power supply management of thermostatic equipment
Number of outputs 220V ± 20% (AC), total 2
Output of power supply of fan 1, wattage is not more than 40 W
Output of power supply of heating 1, wattage is not more than 160 W
Galvanic isolation Double with an insulation voltage of at least 1000 V


  • Monitoring of external devices by pinging them by Ethernet
  • Automatic management of power supply of external devices that allow to re-start these devices by off/on ("cold" re-start) while fail
  • Support of remote manual managing of power supply of devices
  • Power supply of all equipment at the check-point: VOCORD Cyclops, VOCORD NetCam4, VOCORD IR-Illuminator
  • Temperature monitoring into the switchboard cabinet
  • Management of turning off/on of heating and fan to stabilize temperature into the switchboard cabinet
  • Support of device management connected through RS232/RS485
  • Support of multi functional remote access with unlimited number of terminals to set up and manage device
  • Multilevel access control system
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