Вокорд. Системы видеонаблюдения, распознавания лиц, фотофиксации нарушений ПДД, аудиорегистрации


Switchboard cabinet VOCORD SSCross is an input switching device designed for connection of Traffic enforcement system at control stations.


It is supplied with an inbuilt street server used for processing video information (license plate recognition, fixation of traffic violations, storing in the archive, etc.) at check points.

VOCORD SSCross is a turn-key solution for providing electricity to the control station and protecting communication lines and power supply. VOCORD SSCross ensures:

  • Convenient connection of all equipment at check points.
  • Remote control of the operating capacity of all equipment and software at control stations in automatic mode. VOCORD SSCross independently controls the operating capacity of equipment and restarts it if necessary. It can also be done manually using remote access.
  • Maintaining optimal temperature when operating in wide temperature ranges – from -40 to +55 C.
  • IP66 protection as per State Standard 14254-96.
  • A wide variety of options to fit the customer’s project and tasks.
Technical characteristics
Parameters VOCORD SSCross VOCORD SSCross2 VOCORD SSCross2 PoE
Max number of connected complexes of VOCORD Cyclops 2 2
Max number of connected VOCORD NetCam4 cameras 6 2 2
Max number of connected video surveillance cameras optionally 2 2
Number of media converters for connection to LAN optionally 2 2
Max number of connected VOCORD IR-illuminators optionally 2 2
Own power consumption in summer mode with ventilation,W No more than 60 120 120
Own power consumption in winter mode with thermostatting, W No more than 220 280 280
Central controller under control of OS Linux 2.6+ and special software Yes
AC voltage, V From 165 to 265
Output stabilized AC voltage, V 220 ± 5%
Class of dust-moisture protection by 14254-96 State Standard IP66
Operating temperature From -40 to +55 while the tirned-on thermostatting at winter time and ventilating at summer time
Impact resistance (vertical load) Peak impact acceleration – until 15 g during 11 msec. Number of blows - 1000
Dimensions, mm 600x400x250
Average service life 10 years

Model range of VOCORD SSCross
Without inbuilt street server With inbuilt street server With built-in street server and PoE- injectors for connection of additional video surveillance cameras


  • Input video information from digital video cameras
  • Exchange of control signals with road controller through RS-485 interface
  • Processing received signals and video information
  • Recording of the processed information
  • Broadcasting of the processed information through wired and wireless communication channels
  • Voltage stabilization
  • Monitoring of electricity consumed by the product and the connected equipment
  • Power supply of all equipment at the check-point: VOCORD Cyclops, VOCORD NetCam4, VOCORD IR-Illuminator
  • Protection of equipment from overvoltage and a short circuit
  • Lighting protection is surge protection of internal devices over all supply networks, cables, interfaces and video signals
  • Monitoring of operating internal and external devices and automatic restart of devices
  • Remote power on / off control of each connected device through the browser
  • Control and stabilization of temperature inside of the cabinet
  • Protection of equipment against adverse weather conditions
  • Multilevel access control system
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