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VOCORD IR-Illuminator

Powerful impulse complex of synchronous infrared lighting is designed to operate together with photo fixation cameras in the dark. Traffic enforcement system is used.


The complex operates in the invisible range on a wavelength of 850 nm and does not blind drivers, unlike halide lamps.

The device is in synch with the shutter of the video camera, i.e. it is switched on exactly at the moment when a shot must be done. This reduces energy consumption up to 30 times in comparison with ordinary lamps and allows to receive a more powerful light impulse and to illuminate better the shooting area.

The shell of the device is made of high-strength, durable and vandal-proof polycarbonate plastic. The self-check function allows to detect failure of the device.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Models IP30B07 IP30B15 IP30B25
Radiation source IR LEDs
The wavelength of radiation, nm 850
The divergence angle of the light beam, º 7 15 25
Power of the light radiation in a pulsed mode, W, not less than 30
The strength of the light radiation in a pulsed mode, W (average), not less than 1546 690 240
The duration of the light pulse, msec From 0.3 to 3.0
Class of dust-moisture protection by 14254-96 State Standard IP67
Operating temperature From -50 to +55 ºС
Dimensions (with a visor and bracket), mm 269х137х171
Weight (kg), not more than 2.3
Voltage from AC power source From 20 to 30
Service life Not less than 5 years
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